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The range of LBW repeater rifles of Voere that are carried and looked upon with pride, above all in the hunting community, has now been supplemented with one new model – the precision rifle having a modular design, the "LBW-M".

The LBW range of repeater rifles of Voere have been known since a long time to be universal, modular, shapely and capable of being dismantled. These are available in the S(tandard), L(uxury) and D (Take Down) models, and now, recently, as the basis for match rifles. As a result, the LBW is an elegant and low-cost repeater (bolt action) rifle having a modular design for everyday and not day-to-day use for hunting and sports shooting matches.

  • Weight / Length – Starting from 5.4 kg/ approx. 102 – 118 cm depending on the design (barrel material, length, features, barrel length and stock length).
  • Stock -
 Standard or folding stock: changeable, adjustable length and height, auswechselbar, finely adjustable trail spade and stock cheek piece adjustment.
  • Barrel -
 Steel, stainless steel or carbon with lengths of 50, 65 and 69 cm (Special barrel lengths and special twist on request).
  • Scope mount – robust stainless steel weaver rail • Magazine 
- 5 rounds (4 Magnum).
  • Calibre/Twist/Barrel length: .223 Rem. / 9" / 50 cm, 6.5 x 47 Lapua / 8" / 65 cm, .308 Win. / 12" / 65 cm, .300 W.M. / 10" / 65 cm, .338 L.M. / 16"-10" progressive / 69 cm. With the help of changing the barrel and the calibre group, all calibres up to .388 L.M. can be changed from one to another. However, it is not possible to change the calibre of the .338 L.M.
  • Features – Standard / Extra: Direct trigger, manual cocking, grip change with AR15 interface, UIT rail, emergency sight fixture, weaver holder for accessories, 2-legged, second magazine / muzzle brake.

The new LBW-M(atch) of Tyrol's traditional manufacturer, Voere, at Kufstein is a real "High-tech device" powerpacked with the most innovative precision technology.

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